Are You:
Thinking About Getting Reading Glasses?
Already Using Them?
Needing Stronger and Stronger Lenses?

The Read Without Glasses Method - It doesn't matter if you're just starting to notice a problem or if you've been using reading glasses for years, The Read Without Glasses Method DVD or Video will show you how to sharpen your near vision and reverse middle-aged sight.

Developed by Dr. Ray Gottlieb, an international eye specialist with over 30 years experience, The Read Without Glasses Method is so simple to use and so incredibly effective. You'll be amazed at how quickly your eyes respond when you finally know how to do something good for them.

Stop passively watching as your eyesight declines. Stop worrying about losing or forgetting your reading glasses - or about getting them in the first place. Don't resign yourself to aging eyes: It doesn't have to be that way.

In as little as 6 minutes a day, you can:
Keep yourself from needing reading glasses
See better up close without reading glasses
See better in dim light
Reduce the strength of your glasses
Avoid, eliminate or reduce the need for bifocals

Do something good for eyes - and yourself.
You'll see! It's guaranteed.

(Includes 2 Eye Charts)
Your Unconditional 30-Day Guarantee: Return any item and you'll receive a full refund, no questions asked.

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David Tatton DO, Osteopath and Teacher of Osteopathy

__ "As I worked my way down the chart the print cleared and I could read it."

Dr Neal Apple MD, Ophthalmologist

__“I did watch the DVD on improving near vision. I thought it was good.”

Lynn Arlotte, Trainee Alexander Teacher and former Librarian

__ "...after only a few sessions practising converging I could read the whole chart, including the tiny print... In addition to reading, other tasks requiring near vision, such as writing and sewing, are proving less of a strain."

Elizabeth MacDonald CSP, Retired Physiotherapist, Swimming Teacher, Mother of 6, and Grandmother of 13

__“I have seen vision improvement in several sessions with The Read Without Glasses Method. Each time I got further and further down the chart, and my sight got clearer. The Read Without Glasses Method feels good to do and is relaxing, and the pleasure is enhanced by seeing the visual improvement.__Progressing to seeing smaller and smaller print is so encouraging!
__As a physiotherapist I endorse the important principle of exercise, breathing, and relaxation: this crucial feature is a fundamental component of The Read Without Glasses Method. It is harmful for any muscle to tense up. The Read Without Glasses Method on the other hand is all about relaxing the eye muscles: Focusing and relaxation is key. Furthermore, this method helps people maintain the sight they have gained.
__The Read Without Glasses Method is so clearly presented and straightforward. I have recommended it to my brother and sister, and passed it round the family. The eyes are so important! This is so interesting!”

Dr M. Isobel Forbes MB ChB, Retired General Practitioner, Mother of 2, and Grandmother of 4

__“It's great that there is at last an alternative to wearing glasses for presbyopia. This process is intriguing. Furthermore this method is promoting the eyes' own ability to focus, rather than relying on an artificial aid. This seems consistent as we don't generally start walking with a stick in our forties, so why rely on an external aid to see?
__Of course it's a benefit for anybody to be able to read without glasses! Had I still been practising medicine I would have recommended The Read Without Glasses Method unreservedly to my patients. The Read Without Glasses Method would be especially useful if you lost or broke your glasses, so you wouldn't be at a loss. I remember spending many an hour hunting for my late husband's specs! At last there is an alternative to the frustration of loosing reading glasses!
__As a doctor of medicine I fully endorse non-invasive approaches like The Read Without Glasses Method that employ exercise to develop ocular fitness. And as a former keen golfer keen I wish I had discovered this Method that creates eye muscle fitness in my forties! To reading without glasses!”

Bryan Rybolt, Photographer

__“I have tried The Read Without Glasses Method … I can attest to the fact that I can tell positive changes in my vision already. Through the technique I had an immediate change in my ability to read quite small print. I feel so motivated to continue this process because I experienced the fact that it works.
__This appears to be a very fine system for increased visual health and acuity and I recommend it unreservedly.”

Jehane Markham, Poet

__“This is a very useful learning aid for anyone seriously contemplating helping their eyes to read without the use of glasses. This is a practical guide to a worthwhile and fascinating application of science and self- help. I believe from my initial modest forays into the method that it undoubtedly works.”

Moira Colman BA Dip Ed, Business Studies Teacher & Former Physical Education Teacher

__“Recently I bought a new sofa and had to move it and was disappointed to find that the television screen now looked a little blurred. I knew about The Read Without Glasses Method and thought I would give it a try. To my delight it definitely improved my vision. I have never had to wear glasses, so I was very interested to hear about these exercises that are a natural way to strengthen the eye focusing muscles, and so improve vision.
__I will continue to made use of these exercises: After all I do have to keep doing exercises to keep the muscles in the rest of my ageing body working, so it’s great to also know also of a way to strengthen the eye focusing muscles to optimise and improve my vision.”

Margaret Crawford BSc, Grandmother of 6

__"I am a 78 year-old grandmother of 6 children and have used reading glasses for many years. I was therefore intrigued to find The Read Without Glasses Method.
__With practice I found the technique simple to master, and I am delighted to say that my reading vision improved almost immediately. I therefore no longer need reading glasses for close work. As well as restoring confidence in a vital aspect of physiological function, I no longer have the hassle of looking for glasses!
__I would be happy to recommend this straightforward exercise to anyone who no longer wishes the inconvenience of relying on reading glasses."

Susan Bagyura, Business Consultant, Blue Danube

__“Like many people I haven’t been happy about ageing, and am usually doing whatever I can to combat what everyone calls the natural ageing process. When I heard about exercises that could improve my vision, I immediately got the DVD.
__I have been doing the eye exercises for a few weeks now, and am absolutely amazed at the difference. Since doing the exercises, I find that I can do most things without wearing the glasses including computer work, reading, and writing notes. I actually threaded a needle last week without wearing glasses and I hadn’t been able to do that for years.
__I highly recommend The Read Without Glasses Method to anyone that wants the freedom of reading anything at any time without searching for glasses.”

Julie Davies

__“I ordered the video from Lumina in the UK after reading an article in Country Living. This is a very exciting technique and results are astounding and instant! Thank you so much!”

Dr. Jacob Liberman Dr Jacob Liberman, author of Take off your Glasses and See and Light Medicine of the Future

__"The Read Without Glasses Method combines the best of optometric vision therapy and natural vision exercises to create a simple and effective way to sharpen your vision. I've done it, it works!"

Angela Bolt, MA (hons) MEd, Head of University Counselling, and fitness enthusiast

__ " I can notice a difference when I look at the chart, and some of the smaller print which eluded me at first is now clearer."

Anna Sanders

__ "It’s wonderful. I think it’s really good. I can certainly see better now. I’m really, really pleased, and I’ve told all my friends about it. Yes I have definitely benefited from the video, and by practising most days have found my sight has improved. At one moment I felt I should visit the optician but since using your video I don’t feel the need."

Helen Ryle, Eire

__"I have been using the eye exercises on and off for more than a year. Prior to that my near sight was deteriorating quite rapidly since turning 50. I find that I have been able to improve my near sight to the point that I don't need to carry a pair of glasses with me all the time. From time to time I find small print becoming blurry again, and that is a sign to start practising the exercises more frequently. When I do this, my vision again returns to an acceptable level. I'm very pleased with the results I've gained from watching the video and doing the exercises regularly."

Steven Joseph

"Many thanks for a great DVD."

Alper Huseyin

" I have tried the method out briefly and have achieved an immediate effect."